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Pradeesh Prasanna

Dear Arpita, The trip was very nice and enjoyed really well...we could utilised all the moments in there.Accomadation and guide services are excellent but the tourist places were we gone are too limit than we were expect.this is only the draw back of your package..please consider this is in serious way for your further plans.

Rohit Batta

Comments, It was a pleasure being associated with Colorful Travel Price for our Singapore Malaysia tour.The arrangements were upto the mark as promised to us by the company and everything went smoothly But still I think there is a scope for improvement as follows:- There should be a brief description that should be given to the customer before leaving the country about the places we can visit which are not included in the package as its very tough to reach an unknow country and decide what to do which leads to wastage of time There were very less inclusions from your side as we were free for almost first 5 days from your end and we just had a 3 hour city tour. The guides we got in malaysia were so busy that they showed us places in a very superficial way and in a hurry and that too 1 day after we came .I personally feel city tour should always be on the day you reach so u get an idea of the things ahead Hotel claremont was pathetic,I know the fact we booked budget hotels but it should have proper conditions to liveAll in all trip was excellent and we hope we ll book future tours from your company. Thanks....

Ashish Sakaria

we are thankful for you bieng our tour advisor who perfectly guides us without making us spend a single penny extra. our tour to dubai was very well arranged and all facilities were upto the mark. thanking you.

Ram Babu

Full enjoyment. Your The Travel price team done wonderful arrangement. Thailand tour management have shown wonderful tourism spots. Thanks to u all.

Darshan Patel

Dear Asha, Thanks for all the help to make our family tour to Dubai a memorable outing. Except for minor things (which are no more relevant), I don't have any complains / grievances. Asha you have been most patient and most co-operative. Thanks and regards.

Ramesh Subramaniam

Hello Asha, I am back in Mumbai , frankly the tour was a complete night mare, my family was completely in distraught with the experiences . Complete lack of coordination between you all and the local agents, the local logistics person clearly said , we do not care a damn about your bookings with the local agents in India . I was taking family after more than 15 years abroad and was really wanting to make it a very memorable one , I thought I chose a good organisation like yours , even thought there were plenty of one like Kesari, etc , but they very sight at the web sight attracted and did not bother to waste time or check the antecedents , But right from the time we landed in Malaysia it was full of surprises. Firstly there was nobody to receive us at the Airport , than after buying the local number we contacted some guy called Bala came, he came after a great delay and he was nasty. Worst after over night journey , they driver said we are starting the tour right away . while going we had no itinerary nothing . The journey from the KL Airport to Genting was on a 1947 old rickety bus which could use to make huge noises and the AC was not working , therfore in the sweltering heat after having done a long distance journey it was complete night mare to reach the place after 3 hours . The driver did not bother to inform how long it was going to reach Gentings , at least we could have refereshed ourselves in the middle after a long over night Air journey , he took a break , said we cannot get down as we will waste time . we were assuming he is only taking a Gas Refule or something and than we will be onwards but that was not the case . The Hotel in Genting was an absolute night mare , it took exactly 2.5 hours to get a hotel confirmation as it was virtually like Victoria Terminus Station que in Mumbai , huge people every where , compelte chaos . After all the difficulty in getting room confirmation and a key going to the room to our surprise it was worse than Choultry / lodge like in India's temple . It was dirty , no towels , beds were unclean and there was complete lack of coordination . The hotel was not even worth calling a start . The hotel was under going repairs and nothing was function . So called Rides etc inGenting nothing was done . Did we see anything in Genting or do any rides no none . We had booked for Dinner in advance , none we could get in Genting so we had to respend our money . From Genting we came to Malaysia , the Grand Season Hotel was decent ,but it was completely out of the city . The local tour could not happen as first of all the local pick up itself was already by more than more than an hour in the noon given from the schedule time , by the time the person came back , he was making visit each hotel and trying to pick up each family , there was a minimum pick up of 45 minutes lag time , so by the time the actual city tour could start it was delayed by more than 3 .5 hours in the noon . by that time the Rain came and the driver could not take us to any place , we were shown the city in the bus . The next day I organised on my own doing online booking and than spent the entire day where in my family really enjoyed . From KL we were told to pick up the bus to go to Singapore , personal request never ask your customers to go through the night mare to take a bus journey , flights to KL - Singapore is just mere 70 USD and every one hour there is a flight . The bus took more than 5.5 hours to reach , at the Singapore Immigration centre it took more than 2.5 hours to get the Visa stamping done and by the time the local Singapore pick up came it was more than 2 hours of waiting time on the Road , every time we used to call he used to say 5 minutes and not take a taxi . Singapore The Hotel Chancellor was newly renovated hotel , just started about a week ago and therefore teething working problems . The Lavatory door was glass one and 3/4th transparent and the same would not work at all , the rooms were so small , that hardly there was any movement available even though we took to rooms . I had told Asha that I do not mind paying extra money , but I want the trip to be made a memorable one , there at an extra cost I do not mind going out of the way , she promised me that do not worry everything was taken care , but alas . Personally I am a global traveller , 15 days in a month I am abroad and know exactly what hotel means , what bookings means , my office coordinate very well, since it was a holiday tour I thought I will engage professional company , but frankly your organisation has been a complete disaster Lesson learnt in dealing with your organisation is as follows : Your organisation lacks complete coordination . Your local office did not coordinate with the local agents in Malaysia and Singapore and the results were evident . Second you all wanted to make quick buck at the cost of the customer by going for low cost ones where in you could profit more even though the customer had paid very well . Frankly very disappointed and felt very cheated . At least if you all would have been even 50% to what you all promised would have still felt contented . You all have let down terribly . I am going to write my experiences with your organisation on all Social Media circles as I am really upset , not only that I am sincerely thinking of taking you all to the Consumer Court. Understand for a mild person like me to take such extreme step like this how much of pain I would have gone through you will not understand . I would have adjusted to any short comings if you would have told us the truth or your people should have informed to adjust us for genuine requests . understand Travel is an experience which in your business is very important . We met a few families who had done booking through you all , they too were cursing to us as all of us felt left high and dry . A person like me , money is the least of problem as I was indeed looking for a great experience even though if I had to pay as you never take your family every now and than abroad Very Sorry that I had to put such mail , I know you may think it is not going to make an impact or you do not care , but that is your call . Hope you will be truthful to your customers

Devender Garg

Arpita/Asha, its okay. You can retain even pick up bills also. Its not a big amount & will not matter to me & to you as well. But let me tell the kind of problems we have faced there during every pick up. We have waited at Singapore Airport for 1 hours on our arrival & made repeated calls to Holiday Boutique. Later we were told to hire a taxi by ourselves & taxi bill approx 18 Singapore dollar will be reimbursed. But we were given only 30 RM against 18 Singapore Dollar as if exchange rate is known by them only. & Then in Malaysia we have waited for 1.30 hour for our pick up & after repeated calls only pick up was arranged. Later when we came back to Singapore, again we waited on the spot which was discussed with Mr. Vikram ( Golden Mile Complex & not Tower). We confirmed the spot to Mr. Vikram on Phone & still the pick up came to the wrong place. Later on we were told that we were waiting at the wrong place & were told to hire a taxi after 1 hour torture. Frankly speaking pick up & drops from the hotel for tours were really good & were on time. But arrival & departure pick ups were pathetic. No body from holiday boutique actually bothered about our pick up & drop on arrivals & departure. Next time onwards request you to please improve on the feedback so that travellers would love to come back to you again. Next time I would really think whether i should book a tour with you. Thanks & Regards

Santosh Ajjannavar

I am writing this email to thank you for making our trip to Maldives a wonderful experience.Everything was organised as promised by you, thanks a lot for taking care of everything.Maldives is absolutely Paradise on Earth, This vacation will linger in my heart forever :) Thanks..

Shantha Murthy

Hi Priyanka,Provided very good feed back. My family was happy with trip. Excellent work and keep it up.

Amit Sharma

Dear vishwas ji & tina ji, I am really thankful to you and all the members of Colorful Travel Price who makemy vaccations so wonderful and rememberable. I was really enjoying the trip from the very first day till the end and my kid was also enjoying all the games and rides we were offered by you at genting highlands andsentosa island and going through travel price was worth good and was a fanatastic experience. Hope for the best and a lot of thanks and good wishes from my side to all. Thanking you.

Kalpesh Jain

I booked package of Bangkok & Pattaya for a couple through Priyanka of Colorful Travel Price Pvt Ltd. She (priyanka) was very good in reply to our questions regarding the package. When i visited Bangkok everything was offered to me which was included in my package and all the arrangements were perfect and on time. Pick up at airport was on time. I was given True Move Sim Card on arrival and the vouchers of hotel accommodation. I was also given the itinerary of my tour on arrival. And all the things took place according to that itinerary. Pick up and drop for Bangkok and Pattaya day tours was also on time. Then finally dropping me from Pattaya Hotel to Bangkok DMK Airport. Entire Tour arrangement from Colorful Travel Price Pvt Ltd was good and perfectly on Time. Only one disadvantage in my tour was the Location of My Bangkok Hotel. It was far away from shopping place and general malls of Bangkok. So Visiting the Shopping Place from my Bangkok Hotel was expensive plus lot of waste of time due to heavy traffic especially during rain. I feel the Location of Bangkok Hotel should be around Petchburi Road or around the Pratunam Market. Thanks & Regard

Sanjeev Sonawane

Dear Vishvasji, We arrived Pune from our SriLanka trip ,managed by you I am happy say that our trip was excellent. Every thing was as per plan. We enjoyed trip thanks to you and your staff. Thanks to Colorful Travel Price. Regards

Jayantibhai Patel

Good morning to all, Here is my feedback for the Singapore ,Malaysia and Thailand tour At Singapore client person came right time at airport and take us directly to hotel Cultural hotel all facilities was good .all service was also good and hotel staff behavior also good guide also explained all things well and coach facility also good but at some place we felt that time given by client was little less. so need to stay one day more in future vendor person covered all the place as per package .All the days pick up from hotel was right time At Malaysia at Malaysia we had face some difficulty . our coach was reached at KL at 03.45PM.Client person was came but then went to other work so we had waited at coach stop more then one and half hour City tour all place covered but not giving sufficient time coz of lack of time as he came late to pick up at coach stop place Also I had to discuss so much with driver about KL tower ticket as during city tour driver has not take there coz client has not inform or arrange KL tower ticket and next day I had to discuss a lot for KL tower visit .At last driver was taken to visit KL tower but after so much discussion At Thailand Pick up at Thailand as per timing everyday . guide facility also very good Hotel also very good and staff also good we had faced some difficulty for veg food there but its little OK So overall all tour was enjoyable and good but only we had one or two BAD experience at Malaysia that I had mentioned above very good co operation from Dolly always and very good follow up for visa and my some querry I appreciate Colorful travel staff for good planning and co operation I will again give chance for my future tour planning and also recommend. your travel for tour planning with my colleague. Once again many thanks to Dolly and all staff members and I never forgot your service for tour package Regards


Respected Didi, We are too much thankful to you for your good management ,taking care on every steps and given proper guidance specially for out of country,nice ,beautiful and systematic co-operation as well as just like home trip at Thailand. Again thanks from my family and best wishes for you. With Regards

Nirpendra Pal

Hi, Over all tour was well planed and satisfsctory. Only hotels at Pattaya snd Bangkok was not as expected (no wifi or very low speed). The hotel Tune at Phuket Patang was excellent with almost required facilities in budget tour. My view is Phuket is realy the best place in Thailand to enjoy. Thanks for your good planed tour in very short time. Regards

Irfan Khan

My Malaysian tour had been very exciting . The Travels and there staff at Malaysia had been very cooperative and i am really impressed by there services. All vehicles for city tour, Airport Pickup and hotel pickup had reached before time .Our hotel stay had also been very comfortable and we have been provided with best of the Hotels. Over all we had a great experience with this trip and for that i would like to thank and congratulate The Travels and there staff . I also wish to go for another tour through them in near future.

Mrs. Sudha Kalmadi

Dear sir, I here with thank your organisation for making our trip a memorable one. Our special thanks to Ms.Priyanka Jain for taking all the trouble and pleasure in planning our trip. We look forward to plan many more trips in future.THANKS A LOT to all your team members.

Shailaja Naidu

According to Roopa and ritesh the tour was fantastic. The hotel rooms were also best and the bfast provided was also filling and awesome.. I thank ull fr making their Honeymoon tour memorable. Thanking ull. And promise to get back to ull whenever required.

Mr Chaitanya Kumar Suthapalli

We just arrived Bangkok from pattaya , the travel guides were kind and punctual and their services were good too. But the hotels which you provided are average and the most negative is the hotels are far from the city attractions. We have to hire a taxi always when we wish to come out . It would have been better if u have booked some good hotel within city limits.

Prashant Shrivastava

Hi Dolly, Your services was excellent. The whole trip was full of enjoy. Food was good and driver was very cooperative n good. Only one suggestion is this kindly make a tour package must be start with home city. it will really saves time and money.

Nirpendra Pal

Hi, Over all tour was well planed and satisfsctory. Only hotels at Pattaya snd Bangkok was not as expected (no wifi or very low speed). The hotel Tune at Phuket Patang was excellent with almost required facilities in budget tour. My view is Phuket is realy the best place in Thailand to enjoy. Thanks for your good planed tour in very short time.

Mitesh Rathod

Dear ASHA Madam, Very happy with the tour package service provided.. Everything was organised pretty well & the service provided while on call was nice, really impressed. Special praise for your service & helpful nature while organising the trip. Thank you very much.

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